The Pledge

This pledge is for you, my Fellow Mom. Each member takes the pledge for one reason: to stay conscious about what being a member is all about. Carving out time for you that is free of guilt and free of judgment.


The Pledge

I pledge to leave my children at the virtual door to create space for me.
Mom Gets A Life is a place where you are required NOT to talk about your children. Doesn’t that feel good? You do an amazing job talking about your children and focusing on their needs outside Mom Gets A Life. Inside Mom Gets A Life it is all about YOU! Your needs, your desires, your hopes and your dreams — ooooh, I get excited just thinking  what they might be!

I pledge to leave guilt at the door to leave room for self-awe.
Sometimes guilt almost seems to be a natural part of motherhood. We all know guilt doesn’t serve us yet shaking that pesky emotion can be tough. We are not asking you to stop feeling guilty all the time, just while you are inside Mom Gets A Life.

Every tool, article, class, resource and forum is designed to help you discover what you want out of life and how amazing you are in this very moment. Guilt would just squeeze out all the awe you deserve to feel when viewing yourself through this lens. Leave guilt behind. Just for a little while.

I pledge to judge no mom, especially me.
Mom Gets A Life is a judgment-free zone. You can be sure that you are safe inside Mom Gets A Life. No one will judge you (I know this because we all committed to the same pledge!) And it is important that you suspend judgment of yourself. Whatever your feeling, concern or desire – if you can feel it or name it, it is valid and it is important. Share your pain to gain relief. Share your desires because that is the first step to unleashing the power of the Universe on your behalf.

The pledge represents the essence of Mom Gets A Life. This pledge creates the space where falling in love with your life is no longer a possibility, it is a natural result.  It is a given.