Let Girls Be Girls

Dear Reader,

This blog is part of a worldwide blogger initiative taking place on October 4, 2011 to raise awareness in The Girl Effect.

Young girls in countries all over the world are being forced into marriage and motherhood at the age of twelve and thirteen. They are handed this responsibility without the benefit of financial resources or an education.

Motherhood was overwhelming for me at the age of 33, with a husband who was a true partner, financial stability and huge support network. What must it be like for a young girl to be handed a baby while she is still a baby herself?

I cannot begin to imagine what an uneducated, impoverished child must feel. It is worse to contemplate the impact. A cycle of poverty and abuse is created when a young girl is forced into marriage.

But there is a solution. And it can start with you and me.

There is a powerful movement in effect at this very moment. It is called The Girl Effect. It may hold the secret to world poverty and it most definitely holds hope for these young girls.

During the month of October, Mom Gets A Life will donate 10% of all profits to this initiative.

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