Who Is Responsible For Your Child’s Happiness? 

By MomGAL Expert Lin Eleoff

Who is responsible for your child’s happiness? 

When I suggest to my coaching clients that it’s not their responsibility to make sure their children are happy, their first reaction is to make sure they heard me correctly: “you mean it is my responsibility, right?”

“No. It’s not”, I reply, […]

Sh!t Happens

By MomGAL Expert, Lin Eleoff


I am struggling.  To understand. A woman, on whom I was counting to launch my brand spankin’ new website, has left me in the ditch. I did not see this coming.  I allowed myself to trust someone.  Upfront. Paid her upfront. Believed everything she told me. Believed everything a colleague told […]

MomGAL Experts

Lin Eleoff

Lin Eleoff is the mother of four adorable alien beings from HD209458b, a rogue planet far far away.  She also authors the relentlessly honest and uplifting blog – “The Worst Mother.”

Lin contends that while she may be the WORST mother, she is a most excellent badass wife to Thurston Howell the Fourth, the world’s best husband. Combining her life […]

Lin Eleoff

The Worst Mother Friday, April 29th, 1:00 PM EST

Lin Eleoff is the author of the relentlessly honest and uplifting blog “The Worst Mother”. Lin will share how she came to terms with the fact that what she wanted for herself as a mother didn’t always agree with what others thought she should want […]