Suzanne Hansen

Illusions and Exhaustion Be Gone! Friday, May 13th, 1:00 PM EST

If you are ready to talk about why illusions of perfect mothering and exhaustion must go if we are to remain sane then you will love this call!

After becoming a mother herself Suzanne found herself exhausted trying desperately to be a perfect […]

Laurie Foley

Discovering Your Mom Brand Tuesday, May 10th, 1:00 PM EST

Laurie Foley talks about the importance of understanding your “Mom Brand” – your unique essence.  Uncovering your brand is a process. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a mom understanding your unique contribution to the world allows you to create a personal definition of […]

Nika Stewart

Laptop Mom Friday, May 6th, 1:00 PM EST

On this call Nika Stewart will show you how it is possible to leverage your time, create passive income, and build a successful business… during naptime or while the kids are at school.   Now what mom wouldn’t want to know that?!

Some describe NIKA STEWART as […]

Lin Eleoff

The Worst Mother Friday, April 29th, 1:00 PM EST

Lin Eleoff is the author of the relentlessly honest and uplifting blog “The Worst Mother”. Lin will share how she came to terms with the fact that what she wanted for herself as a mother didn’t always agree with what others thought she should want […]