I am not Malala. But I hope one day I am.

Early this week Malala Yousafzai was gunned down by Taliban soldiers simply because she stood up for her right to be educated.  She was 14 years old. 

Yesterday, Angelina Jolie recounted her family’s reaction to the story.  Jolie’s children were confused and scared.  Right now girls in Pakistan are standing together to show […]

5 Daisies, 1 Farmers Market and 3 Miracles

If you’ve hung around here a while, you know that I believe each of us must learn to follow the inner guidance we receive on a consistent basis.  Faith is the key to  achieving a life of happiness, health and wealth.

I’ve seen how challenging following this guidance with faith can be for my […]

Finding My Moment of Courage, A Ceremony

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about letting go.   Tomorrow I’m taking a silent retreat to say good bye to my mom, to truly let her go.

I’ll be performing rituals designed to help my body, mind and spirit understand that my mom’s time to be a physical presence in my life […]

But How Do I Let Go?

I am in the process of watching my mom transition from life to death.  It is a powerful experience.

I find myself equal parts resisting letting go and then letting go.  Lots of small “letting go’s” happen along the path of any transformation.  They have to in order for the newness that follows any […]

What Matt Damon Knows Could Transform Your Entire Life

Last week Matt Damon spoke four words to me that rocked my world.

Here they are:

from the A-MAZ-ING movie “We Bought a Zoo”

Did you hear that?

20 seconds of courage.*

That is all it takes to do that thing that has felt so hard for […]

My Son is the Coolest Kid in the Universe

He thinks I’m the coolest Mom in the universe.

Would you like to know what it took for me to earn that status?  What Mom wouldn’t want to know that secret?

I went deep inside looking for that little voice that we call intuition and made a huge decision, one so out of my […]

Choosing Courage

By MGAL Expert Theresa Robbins

Being a member of Mom Gets a Life says something about you…and not just that you’re a mom. It says that you value yourself and your happiness, you value learning and growth and it tells me that you are one courageous woman.

That might sound about right to you […]