I am not Malala. But I hope one day I am.

Early this week Malala Yousafzai was gunned down by Taliban soldiers simply because she stood up for her right to be educated.  She was 14 years old. 

Yesterday, Angelina Jolie recounted her family’s reaction to the story.  Jolie’s children were confused and scared.  Right now girls in Pakistan are standing together to show […]

Let Go and Laugh

A book review

Last week I got my hands on a new book, Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale by Jennifer Tuma-Young.  Normally I don’t spend a lot of space at this blog talking about weight loss.   In my experience weight is a symptom of bigger problems and focusing on weight loss doesn’t address […]

You Don’t Need to Get it Right All of the Time

I’m getting ready to launch my first conference.  (You can see details here: www.momgetsabiz.com.) This is unchartered territory for me.

It is scary.  The potential for failure on a micro and macro level is real. 

This week I was speaking with a group of women entrepreneurs about living life from a place of fear […]

Confessions of a Pole Dancing Instructor

By Joni Lowe

I LOVE being a Mom.  I’m so very truly grateful I was able to be a stay at home Mom during the toddler years.  I was SUPER MOMMY going on play dates, going to story time at the library, going to the playgrounds to swing, etc..  Everything was going really well, […]

Are Your Answers Hiding in a Photo?

We’ve been clearing out closets this week and in that process, the photo proofs from my wedding 10 years ago ended up in my lap.

As I started to flip through these pictures an amazing story found me.  An unending supply of love and support came pouring through the edges of the photos.

It […]

Do You Give Yourself the Chance to Be Happy?

I just got back from visiting my sister, her hubs and my favorite nephew in the whole world.  They live just outside D.C. so my kids consider this a double bonus – baby cousin + fun places.

I took the trip without my husband because, really, he needed and deserved a break from all […]

What Does It Mean To Be A Mother?

I remember the exact moment when I realized what it meant to be a mother.

My son was about 18 months old and he needed a small procedure which required general anesthesia.   The doctor told me matter-of-factly that on the day of the operation, I was expected to hand my son over the […]

Who Is Responsible For Your Child’s Happiness? 

By MomGAL Expert Lin Eleoff

Who is responsible for your child’s happiness? 

When I suggest to my coaching clients that it’s not their responsibility to make sure their children are happy, their first reaction is to make sure they heard me correctly: “you mean it is my responsibility, right?”

“No. It’s not”, I reply, […]

How are YOU? The Art of Outsourcing

I recently read an article by Barbara Finkelstein entitled, “What’s a Mother to Do?” which highlights research by Columbia University Psychology professor Suniya Luthar on the role of nurturing – not only children – but mothers.

Image Copyright Christina Soriano™

Luthar poses the essential question to moms: “How can you nurture if you’re […]

But How Do I Let Go?

I am in the process of watching my mom transition from life to death.  It is a powerful experience.

I find myself equal parts resisting letting go and then letting go.  Lots of small “letting go’s” happen along the path of any transformation.  They have to in order for the newness that follows any […]