Small Moments = Big Happy for Moms

I spent a good part of yesterday (Sunday) working.  That is fairly unusual for me but I had some personal deadlines I needed to meet.

I got home in time to help with bedtime.  As I lay with my four year old, Little K, she put two hands around my head, pulled me in close and gave me a big kiss.  Then she pulled away and just stared at me.

It is the way she looks at me when she’s missed me.

In the past I would have let that fill me with guilt.  But I’ve learned to get clear on why I spend my time where I spend it.  Although I wanted to spend time with my family, working on this particular day served a higher purpose for all of us.

Instead of wallowing in guilt I took in the beauty of Little K’s face.  I accepted the love she felt for me.  The same love that made her miss me.

I was present with her.  All of me was there and I know she felt it.  None of me was floating around guilty-mom-land.  And that made the moment simply delicious.

Creating a shift in motherhood is less about big changes in action and more about shifts that take place in small moments.

Small moments build on themselves.

Small moments have the power to create big happy.

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6 comments to Small Moments = Big Happy for Moms

  • Patty, I can feel the love you experienced for your daughter in that moment. That love is so much stronger than guilt. And that’s a beautiful thing! What strikes me is that you clearly chose Love over guilt. You cannot have both at once. In your willingness to remain present and fully with her, you demonstrated how easily it can be done.

    Choose Love is my new motto for 2012. Thank you for showing me how graciously it’s done. :)

    • Patty Lennon

      Thank YOU Theresa! It was really wonderful to know I had landed in this place where I could reach for love so easily. As you know just a few years back that wasn’t the case and this journey is a beautiful thing!

      I love your 2012 motto!

  • Couldn’t agree more, Patty. Thanks for reminding me that guilt is an such an unnecessary distraction.

  • simply written and simply beautiful, so happy for you to have such a moment…they go very fast enjoy them all Luck always, Andie

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