Six Wise Women

Last year I joined an amazing network of Women Entrepreneurs, Savor the Success.  Surrounding myself with smart, balanced and talented women is one of the things I do to care for myself.

So naturally, I was interested to hear how these same smart, balanced, talented women stay balanced as moms during the holidays and here is what they had to say:

For a long, long time, I’ve done one simple (and maybe silly sounding) thing–I make or buy myself a small gift that I unwrap when I’m alone on Christmas Eve.

Honestly can’t remember when or why I started this, maybe it was when my husband and I decided not to give each other gifts for any celebration. (Not including songs and poems!)

This little tradition forces me to stop and take a few minutes for myself both in the buying/making and opening. It’s my little secret to acknowledging me as an individual, in addition to my role as wife, mom and grandmother.

~ Lynn Colwell, The Green Year

One thing I did was reinvent family traditions so that they fit with my strengths. Instead of feeling bad because I wasn’t holding an all-day bake-from-scratch-a-thon, like my mom did with me and my sister, and my Nana did before her, I gave myself permission to let it go. To get the big tub of dough. Or, better yet, to buy cookies. I realized spending a day stressed out doing something I didn’t love wasn’t an expression of love for my family.

~ Stephanie Vozza, Author, Writer & Editor


I try to attend at least one kid-free holiday celebration, where I get to dress up, have a cocktail (or 2.. 😉 ) and stay out late with my husband!

~ Lana Goldenberg, Founder, Lana Goldenberg





I always make sure to schedule in pampering time during the week for myself: a weekly massage, getting my hair blown out every Tuesday, mani/pedi every other week. If I take care of myself, I feel more centered and balanced for my daughter. I can’t wait to start mani/pedis with her when she’s old enough! :)

 ~ Angela Jia Kim, Om Aroma & Co./Savor the Sucess, CEO & Founder



I love taking a day to go shopping – by myself. I can buy gifts for the list, and gifts for myself. It’s so rare that I do things by myself since I became a mom, so a day like this is heaven for me!

~ Nika Stewart, The Laptop Mom




I make time each day for myself with a 60 second meditation (it can be longer but at LEAST 60 seconds).  I also schedule time for coffee with my mama crew after drop off one or two mornings a week before I start work.  And, I always make sure my partner and I are getting time alone each week — a walk, even, a dinner, an hour napping together — whatever it is. Just time without the kids and connecting in some way.

~ Britt Bolnick, In Arms Coaching, Owner/Head Coach


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