Next Year Will Be Different

I love, love, LOVE Christmas. 

When I was pregnant with my first born, Little M, I had visions of how magical Christmas would now be with children of my own.  I was viciously ill with morning sickness at the time so I just thought:

“Next year will be different.”

The following year I had an infant that didn’t sleep.   I was too exhausted to even put up a Christmas tree.

“Next year will be different.”

Fast forward another year.  I couldn’t wait to see Little M’s expression when he opened all his gifts. 

He didn’t even notice the gifts.  He was 18 months old.  He ate the wrapping paper.  He didn’t get a nap and was overwhelmed by all the people.  He was miserable most of the day.    When I laid in bed that night I thought:

“Next Year will be different.”

It wasn’t.

Fast forward two years.  Little K is 18 months old now and I know what to expect.  This Christmas WOULD be different I told myself.  It was.  It was worse.  My husband tried to unscrew about a bazillion trucks from their packaging for Little M who was then 3 ½. 

Little K tried to eat said screws while Little M demanded new presents by the minute.   My husband and I looked on bleary eyed, numb with exhaustion.  I don’t ever remember why we hadn’t slept the night before.

By the time I climbed into bed I didn’t bother saying “It’ll be different next year”.  I wondered, “When WOULD it be different?”

The answer was – next year!

But it wasn’t because circumstances aligned to make it so.  By the following year I finally realized if I wanted the Christmas memories I desired deep inside my heart I was going to have to make it happen.

Before kids, the holidays just seemed to magically happen.  We were invited to parties and we went.  No babysitter.  No worries about lost sleep.  Time to shop for a simple but elegant hostess gift.

There was plenty of time for music listening, late night cuddles and peaceful nights.

Before decorating was an art form, not an Olympic sport.

But when Little M and eventually Little K arrived that changed.  All that was possible.   But now I had to MAKE it happen.  It didn’t just happen on its own.

That year I began DESIGNING my holidays and I’ve never looked back. 

I carve out time to shop the way I like to shop.  I change what I serve at holiday gatherings so I can participate more than cater.  I schedule late night cuddles by candlelight to make sure they happen.  And I make sure that I pour a HUGE glass of wine before decorating commences.

Since then my Christmas has been more magical then ever before.  The truth is that living with children does enhance everything about the holidays as long as …

We make sure mom gets everything on her wishlist first!

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