MomGAL Experts

Lin Eleoff

Lin Eleoff is the mother of four adorable alien beings from HD209458b, a rogue planet far far away.  She also authors the relentlessly honest and uplifting blog – “The Worst Mother.”

Lin contends that while she may be the WORST mother, she is a most excellent badass wife to Thurston Howell the Fourth, the world’s best husband. Combining her life experience as an attorney, television news anchor/reporter, penguin worshipper and lip gloss afficionado, Lin mentors women who do too much, for too many, and still don’t have it all.

Lin will share how she came to terms with the fact that what she wanted for herself as a mother didn’t always agree with what others thought she should want for herself.  And how a sense of humor and the courage to be brutally honest are a mom’s best friends.

Dina Ferrante

I spent the first 15 years out of college chasing one dull and tedious corporate job after another without giving a bit of thought to the idea that perhaps there was more to life than surrendering my soul to earn a paycheck and following social norms. Following an excruciating (is there any other kind?) divorce when my son was less than a year old, I turned to yoga for solace and relief from the anguish I was feeling.  Miraculously, my body stopped clenching, my babbling mind found moments of quiet stillness, I felt my soul begin to mend and I relaxed into a calmer way of living.

I am now a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher and former yoga studio owner with a passion for helping people live authentic, balanced and healthy lives.  I teach my own unique style of yoga which helps students gently release tension held deep within the body and encourages a genuine connection to all aspects of self, sans self judgment or criticism.  I emphasize self-nurturing, ease and grace along with strength and tenacity.

I leapt from a rigid belief system that life needed to be hard (I found myself entrenched in owning 2 businesses simultaneously, motherhood and an overextended financial situation) in order prove that I was doing something worthwhile (an uphill battle all the way) to craving ease in my life and actually creating it.  Yoga has been instrumental to this shift as has a nourishing diet of whole foods, fulfilling relationships and self care.  Ahhhhh . . .

Today I’m in a committed relationship with a partner who lights me up and who wants to live life the same way I do, thinking just slightly out of box.  My son is 12 and happy.   I am currently pursing certification as a holistic health practitioner at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York.  I am also pursing mindful and deliberate participation in my own life.

Theresa Robbins

Theresa Robbins is a former stay-at-home mom turned certified life coach, ally and mentor for women. When her husband was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Theresa panicked. After finding her way back to peace, she turned what looked like catastrophe into a happier, more fulfilling way of life. She now uses her experience and skills to help other women let go and move past the left curves of life, to find their way out of fear and to lead happy lives anyway.

Lynn Trotta

In her personal mission to bring about a healing of the Earth, Lynn has recognized that to do so, we must first bring about the healing of our own wounds and painful beliefs. As co-founder of Four Feathers Wilderness Programs, Inc., Lynn has spent the past five years helping children, families and communities of people to develop meaningful relationships to the land and one another through nature-based mentoring programs. Taking a cue from the earth itself, Lynn seeks to make her own personal growth regenerative and sustainable. To do so, she has become an active member of the East Coast Sage Circle (eastern hostess of the  Woman Within International training weekends) and is currently serving on the board as the Director of Empowerment Circles for the organization.

A certified licensed massage therapist, lynn has received additional training in a variety of body-centered therapies all of which give her a uniquely sensitive and perceptive gift that enhance her talents as a life coach.

When Lynn’s not serving the Earth by helping women who are interested in harvesting their gifts, she’s usually outside. She is a passionate birder and it’s not uncommon to find her sitting on a rock with a small bird perched inquisitively on her finger- it’s hard to believe but true! More recently however, she and her husband Michael Trotta, have been busy settling into parenthood with their first child as well as their new home in Ithaca, NY.