Lonely Mom Seeks Friends

I’ve been speaking with a number of new members and potential members these last two weeks at Mom Gets A Life.  I’ve been both happy and sad to find that, as I suspected, so many of us feel alone in our path through motherhood.

Do you feel that way?

Do you feel like the problems you are facing somehow make you less than a great mom and as a result you never speak of them?

Or are you ashamed of the fact that you rarely have sex with your partner and can’t really pinpoint the reason but believe it’s somehow your personal failure?

Do you look at your children as they sleep with deep, unabashed love yet find yourself screaming at them during their waking hours… And just know that once again you are a very, very bad mother?

Do you drink, eat, run or take drugs to numb the emotions that seem determined to rise to the surface but are just too uncomfortable to talk about with people you know?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you are not alone.   Every mother I spoke with these last few weeks ranks among the rock stars of motherhood (in my estimation) and each still feels alone  – alone in her stress, alone in her imperfection, alone in her struggle.

It’s probably not hard to understand why this would make me sad, but why did it also make me happy?  Well, selfishly, I like to know I’m normal.  Also, I’m clear on how I can help.

Once I started speaking honestly about my experiences as a mother a few years ago, much of the pain I was experiencing lifted.  Of course it took more work than just being honest, but honesty did create a new level of freedom from pain.  I suspected it could do the same for others, which is why I designed the Pledge and created the Members Forum at Mom Gets A Life.

I just couldn’t be sure what helped me would help other moms on a large scale.  But from what I’m hearing, it is!  And that makes me happy!  Solutions make me happy!  Honesty makes me happy!

So if you are feeling a bit lonely – why not join us at Mom Gets A Life?  And if that doesn’t work for you – grab someone you can trust and tell them the truth about what your feeling.

The truth really can set you free!

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4 comments to Lonely Mom Seeks Friends

  • Michelle

    Semi, occasionally lonely mom, it depends on the day. My oldest daughter is 19 and signed with a record label,youngest is 15, and a social butterfly.
    My husband of 23 years is a firefighter, so hes gone to work 24 hours or more
    at a time. Soooo, there are days or nights when I get a little lonely. Id love to have other moms to talk to who can relate.

    • Patty Lennon

      Hi Michelle! Loneliness is hard, isn’t it? We all go through it but when its preventable lets do something about it! We will soon have a guest speaker on in the next couple of months who runs a website that helps match women to like minded/ scheduled friends. In the meantime, we’d love to have you as part of Mom Gets a Life!! have you thought about becoming a member? You can join the first month for $1 and see if it works for you. We’ve got some awesome women inside!

  • Patty,

    I’m not a mom, but I see this in some of my friends and I am so glad you are providing support for this.

    You Rock!

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