Let Them Eat Candy, Mom!

Each Halloween I inevitably find myself engaged in a conversation with parents worried about their child’s candy consumption and more importantly how to control it.


It is one day a year.  Candy overload one day a year does not a sugar-addicted child make.

I get the argument that sugar is poison.  (I don’t agree but I do understand that perspective.)  But let me offer you another way to see it:  Candy to children is the most understood form of currency.  It brings them pleasure and generally their access to it is limited … except on Halloween.

On Halloween they dream big about what is possible.  They come up close and personal with the true meaning of “abundance.”    They can grasp that what they desire (a bag full of candy to eat) is within their grasp.

That feels alot like the perspective most of us are trying to experience – that the Universe is abundant.  Making sure my children see the world as an abundant, loving entity is one of my highest priorities and Halloween is one of the easiest ways to teach it.

Halloween is a night of fantasy.  A night to dream and escape reality.  A moment to be different, a time of excitement and adventure.  Why can’t we just let it be that?

So although I normally ask you to “leave your children at the virtual door” when you enter the world of Mom Gets A Life, I am going to make a plea to you on their behalf.  Let them eat the damn candy.

Just give them a moment to experience life without limits and at the same time give yourself a night off from the rule-enforcer and be the teacher of magic.    Who doesn’t want that?

P.S. Each Halloween I let my children eat as much as they want.  They are gleeful when they first start but barely eat three or four pieces of candy.  What I notice they do is throw alot of what they are tasting in the garbage.  Somehow access to unlimited abundance makes them much more picky about what they shove down their little gullets.

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