It Is Time for Moms to Have a New Hierarchy of Needs!

A few years ago I sat in an audience of moms while an Ivy League (Childless) graduate tried to convince us that Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs held the key to total mom bliss.

If you are unfamiliar with Maslow’s Hierarchy here it is:

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Wikipedia


This expert explained that by understanding this hierarchy of needs we could unlock the path to our greatest life, self-actualization aka Total Mom Bliss.

All I could think was “Lady, if you think Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs even resembles my life, you are so wrong!” 

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs suggests that every person is motivated to pursue the most basic of needs (sleep, food, sex, etc).  Once those needs are satisfied, a person will then desire the pursuit of higher needs.

How many of you have gone without sleep, eating, even peeing because your child needed you?


Moms will put off their most basic of needs for their children.  This is necessary in certain circumstances but the reason that most of us struggle for “mom bliss” is because we do this in ALL circumstances.

Most moms’ hierarchy of needs looks like this:

Mom's Old Hierarchy of Needs

Mom's Old Hierarchy of Needs

And that needs to change!

The time has come for a shift in motherhood. We must put our needs back on hierarchy, back on our priority list!

I’m rolling out a Mom’s New Hierarchy of Needs.  This is based on the foundational principles I teach my private clients.  I’m determined that every mom uncovers the best way to move easily between her needs and her child’s needs in a way that supports everyone – especially mom!

Here’s a sneak peak of this powerful tool.


Mom's New Hierarchy of Needs

Mom's New Hierarchy of Needs

More to come in upcoming weeks!

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