Give Yourself the Gift of Happy Giving

At this time of year I fall especially in love with my local retailers.  Shopping with my favorites returns gift giving to what it is intended to be   – an enriching, fulfilling, beautiful part of the holidays.

Not every local retailer deserves the honor of being one of your go-to places to shop for gifts but if you find just the right ones, it can enhance the holiday season in so many ways.

Shopping at local retailers:

  • Improves the local economy
  • Creates a personal shopping experience
  • Has the power to improve your level of satisfaction and happiness.

Here are my local favorites and if you don’t live in CT – not to worry – I’m going to tell you what to look for to find your own “Top 5.”  

  1. Mother Earth Gallery & Mining Co. – Crystals, art, incense, nature related toys and so much more.
  2. Bridgewater Chocolate – This local favorite can be accessed on the web.  This is chocolate at it’s best served up in amazing packaging.  You can pick a gift at any price point and the packaging alone lets the giver and receiver feel special in the gift.
  3. Brookfield Country Wine and Spirits  –  The atmosphere at this store is cozy and comfortable.  Lou, the owner, has never failed to make the perfect recommendation whether for a meal pairing or gift.
  4. Dawn’s Pizzazz – The services at this salon and day spa are top notch so it is easy to give a gift card with confidence.
  5. YogaSpace Gift Boutique – The energy of the gifts in this yoga studio’s gift boutique is just fabulous.  I can grab everything from handmade jewelry, art to books and tapes on meditation and yoga.   Perfect gifts for the busy people in your life.

Here is what you can look for to find your perfect Top 5 (and what each of the above delivers in spades!)

  1. You are greeted and made to feel welcome immediately.
  2. The energy in the store leaves you feeling relaxed and satisfied.
  3. The employees and owner say “Thank You” for your purchase always!
  4. The quality and variety of product is significant.  A good local business knows their retail and is able to supply the best of the best.
  5. The store rarely has lines and is willing to take your order over the phone and have it waiting for you when you come in
  6. You can walk in with an idea of what you want to buy and are assisted by staff in targeting the perfect gift.
  7. You feel better leaving then you did when you walked in.

You are a mom and you do so much to make the holidays great for many.  In the process of doing this, you can sustain yourself by shopping at places that care about YOU and want to make YOUR life easier.

For me that is fabulous local businesses.  Wherever that is for you – honor it!  And don’t settle for anything less than a wonderful shopping experience!

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