Failure is not an option. My Child’s Happiness Is.

By Heather Chauvin

“What if they blame me for his anxiety, lack of focus and poor self esteem?”“What if I could have solved this problem myself?”“What if they judge me?”

As a parent I have had ALL of these thoughts and more when it came to getting the RIGHT support for my son when […]

I am not Malala. But I hope one day I am.

Early this week Malala Yousafzai was gunned down by Taliban soldiers simply because she stood up for her right to be educated.  She was 14 years old. 

Yesterday, Angelina Jolie recounted her family’s reaction to the story.  Jolie’s children were confused and scared.  Right now girls in Pakistan are standing together to show […]

Do You Give Yourself the Chance to Be Happy?

I just got back from visiting my sister, her hubs and my favorite nephew in the whole world.  They live just outside D.C. so my kids consider this a double bonus – baby cousin + fun places.

I took the trip without my husband because, really, he needed and deserved a break from all […]

Memorial Day

I wrote this post two years ago and yet I am still struggling with the same questions…

This morning my 5 year old asked “What is Memorial Day?”

I have decided that being in the flow of my life is being honest with my children even when I feel the answer is hard to […]

What Matt Damon Knows Could Transform Your Entire Life

Last week Matt Damon spoke four words to me that rocked my world.

Here they are:

from the A-MAZ-ING movie “We Bought a Zoo”

Did you hear that?

20 seconds of courage.*

That is all it takes to do that thing that has felt so hard for […]

Farm Salmon Can Teach You How to Get What You Want

Over the weekend the Hubs and I were able to sneak off to the movies.  We saw Salmon Fishing in Yemen. 

There are a few good subplots but the one that pulled me in was the plight of the farm salmon.  In the movie, we learn that farm salmon have had their natural instinct […]

Love Vs. Money – A Mom’s Toughest Choice

This is the third in a series of articles regarding using your intuition to create the balance and prosperity both you and your family desire.  You can click here to read Part One and Part Two.

Last week I introduced you to Sarah, a mom with three children, a husband and a home-based business.  […]

Are You Being Selfish Enough for Your Family?

Last week I met with a new client. 

Sarah (not her real name) needed help with organization and balance.  She juggled a home-based business, three young children and one large child (aka The Hubs.)

I am drowning in all the stuff I have to get done.  No matter how hard I work I always […]

Get Over Yourself

“Get over yourself, Patty”

I’ve been telling myself this a lot these last few days.

You see I ran into a bit of a pickle. 

I created a grand vision for 2012.  I was pretty darned excited about all that was going to happen in my life and my business this year. 

I was […]

You Get To Decide

Did you know that you get to decide?

Did you know that you have total and complete control over your entire experience of life? 

Yes!  That overwhelming, lovely, BIG, confusing, wonderful, crazy life that feels out of control some days and downright fantastic other days – you choose it all!

You attract to YOU […]