Holiday Grief

Yesterday my son took a Christmas music box my mother gave him off the shelf and stared at it. He turned it on. He watched it.

He’s eight years old. He’s a child who wants to act like a man.

I knew what was going to happen before it happened – the way […]

Holiday Shopping

Guest Post By Kara Wiegand

I LOVE the holidays.  I love the feeling I get when I picture my family sipping on hot chocolate, sitting around the Christmas tree illuminated by the perfect hue of holiday lights.  Now, let’s be honest: as a wife and mother of two young girls (Avery & Bryn) and […]

3 Stupid Easy Ways to Reduce Your Holiday To-Do List


I am constantly on the hunt for ways to make my life easier. If it works and it’s easier, I’m doing it!

So, in honor of the season when we moms seem to make things stupid hard on ourselves I’m going to share my top three Stupid Easy Tips to reduce your Holiday […]

Welcome in the LIGHT!

Today is the Winter Solstice, which means it is the darkest day of the year.  You can choose to see this as a day of letting go.  Yes, we are in the middle of the holiday rush but today especially take time to see yourself.

See what is sitting on your heart, holding you […]

Won’t You Join the Band?

By MGAL Guest Theresa Robbins

I must have been high.

That has to be it.

There’s simply no other explanation.

Why else would I schedule shoulder surgery that would completely incapacitate my dominant arm for 2-3 weeks  for less than 10 days before Christmas?

Actually, when I made the decision, I was anything but […]

Give Yourself the Gift of Happy Giving

At this time of year I fall especially in love with my local retailers.  Shopping with my favorites returns gift giving to what it is intended to be   – an enriching, fulfilling, beautiful part of the holidays.

Not every local retailer deserves the honor of being one of your go-to places to shop for […]

Six Wise Women

Last year I joined an amazing network of Women Entrepreneurs, Savor the Success.  Surrounding myself with smart, balanced and talented women is one of the things I do to care for myself.

So naturally, I was interested to hear how these same smart, balanced, talented women stay balanced as moms during the holidays and […]