Are You Stuck or Just Plain Tired?

What does it take to get unstuck? 
Is it a lot of work?
Screw it.
I’m too tired.
I’m not even sure why I asked.

Tired woman

I need rest!

This was a one-sided conversation my friend had with me after she saw that I was offering Breakthrough Sessions to “Get Unstuck.”

I love the wisdom in this conversation.

The one thing keeping my friend from moving forward was exhaustion and she already knew it.

When we feel stuck, often the first place we need to start to get unstuck is to get some rest.

Does this resonate with your soul?   Is there a little voice inside you right now saying “YES! Finally someone that understands!  I’m tired!”  Listen to that voice.  It is wise.

Your soul is craving rest.  It needs to refuel.  How this happens for each person is unique but here are some options I find work for most:

A little less giving.

A little more receiving.

Some time to yourself. 

An earlier bed time. 

Less t.v. 

More music. 

More fresh air.


A fully fueled, not-at-all exhausted soul is rarely stuck for long.  If you are feeling stuck, start here.  Give your soul some rest and begin to be amazed with yourself again!

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2 comments to Are You Stuck or Just Plain Tired?

  • Give your soul some rest. Love that! I’ve just started meditating. At this point it is more quiet sitting than actual meditating. But even quiet sitting is a huge improvement over my usual start of the day monkey-mind and multi-tasking. After I am done “meditating” I feel more in-tune with my soul and have even started saying a little intention/prayer/gratitude mix at the end. Soul rest. Love it.
    Going to go to bed earlier too. It always amazes me what a differnece this makes. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Patty Lennon

      Meditating is wonderful! You are right, just being still is enough for most though. Meditation holds alot of “doing it right” energy in our culture. Find away to be alone with your soul and just be – so lovely!

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