Are You Being Selfish Enough for Your Family?

Last week I met with a new client. 

Sarah (not her real name) needed help with organization and balance.  She juggled a home-based business, three young children and one large child (aka The Hubs.)

I am drowning in all the stuff I have to get done.  No matter how hard I work I always feel behind in every part of my life!  I hate working this hard and never quite feeling successful!  She told me.

Sarah went on to share the details of her current existence.  It was a story I had heard many times over.  It was a story I had lived.    She was making all her decisions based on what others needed and not being led by what she sensed she needed.

When I asked her why she was willing to ignore what her inner guidance was telling her she needed she said:

Well I’d feel pretty selfish always doing what I want.  I mean why did I have children if I’m only going to worry about myself?

That mindset is at the heart of what was creating imbalance in Sarah’s life.  It is what creates imbalance in most moms’ lives.

Honoring the information your inner guidance system offers you is not selfish.  It is quite the opposite.  Your inner guidance is not feeding you information based simply on what will make you happy in the moment.

Your inner guidance is naturally including the deep desire you have for your family’s wellbeing in your definition of “happy.”   That is why the mantra – “What works for me, works for the whole family”  – is always true.

You can only see what is happening right in front of you but there is a higher part of your being that can see miles up the road and guide you to the long term fulfillment of your desires – Happy you AND happy family!

This takes a wee bit of faith, but I assure you that when you take that leap of faith you are rewarded in ways you probably can’t even conceive in this moment!

As Sarah and I worked together she took this leap and what happened was nothing short of a mom miracle!  Stay tuned next week for more on Sarah’s story!

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